Underground Water Supply Pipe

Underground water supply pipe is a system or network of pipes laid under the ground for the easy transportation of fluids such as water, oils etc. It has been noted in the year 2010 that almost 2/3 of the populated area of earth has underground water supply pipe as their source of water. Mostly countries like USA, India, china and other large countries are using this method to supply water to the urban areas which lacks the source of natural water. Though it is costly to install such type of network but once installed it serves as in many profitable ways.

Methods Used To Implement The System
The pipes used in underground water supply pipe system are made up of plastics and sometimes metals or concrete. Though much of the prevention is being taken by the chemical engineers to prevent any kind of failure, it is sometimes difficult to find leakages, if any. A small amount of chlorine is added in the water which works as a purifier. After the treatment of the water and running numerous test to verify the purification of water the underground water supply pipe system is brought under progress and is sent to households in metro areas via pvc water supply pipe that can be used either in drinking, bathing or washing clothes.
Underground Water Supply Pipe
Uses And Advantages
More over it not only finds its place in delivering purified water but also dumps drainage water either to sea or river. The dirty water or drainage water is collected from the sewage treatment plant and is released to the underground water supply pipe network that directly dumps it to the sea or river. Not only this, underground water supply pipe also plays a major role in collecting rainwater popularly known as rain water harvesting. At the time of huge rain or in situations like flood, the system works as a savior by dumping the water from the heart of the city keeping the flood mark as normal.

Best Mode Of Transportation
Since the beginning of the 19th century, underground water supply pipe has played a major role in providing the most populated area a simple way of water transportation. Today the urban areas find a huge network of pipes under the ground. Mostly such type of networks are hard to maintain and mostly undertaken by government authorities however the 21st century has also seen many private companies showing interest in the mostly used system of water transporting. The underground water supply pipe are easy to build and require more man power for installation, however remains the best way to supply water.

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